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Public Transit
Customer Experience (CX)

Why CX?

Today consumers expect unprecedented convenience - purchasing products and services at the click of a mouse and having them show up right on time. They also expect service with a smile, and a user-friendly experience. This sets a high bar for public transit to stay relevant and competitive.

Why CX Cafe Server Provides Great Customer Experience

Fortunately, there are ways to systematically improve the customer experience for transit riders, and many transit agencies are establishing comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) programs to do just that.

CX is imperative. Unless public transit is reliable, safe, on-time, clean, and user-friendly, transit will get left behind - and along with it our goals to enhance mobility for marginalized populations and lure people out of their cars to address the climate crisis.

What is CX?

Customer Experience (CX) is the sum total of the experiences customers have at every stage of their journey.

dots blue_edited_edited.jpg
shows the customer journey: Plan, Access, Wait, Pay, Ride, Connect, and Egress

The goal is to minimize pain points at each stage, maximize smooth, uneventful experiences, and find opportunities for occasional surprise and delight.

Transit CX helps organizations build transformative Customer Experience (CX) programs that elevate rider voices and advance customer-centric culture, policies, and procedures.


Title Slide of LA Metro 2022 CX Plan

The purpose of this website is to share information about Customer Experience with transit professionals to help them create CX programs at their agencies. I am also available as a consultant to help you establish a CX program roadmap, create a customer-centric culture, and institutionalize CX at your agency.

About Me

About Me With Mayor Quan at FOF Mockup Transit Customer Experience
About Me Aaron Chatting With BART Rider About Fleet Of The Future Accessibility Customer Experience

Greetings! My name is Aaron Weinstein. For three decades, I have helped transit agencies take an honest look at pain points and put in place solutions that are responsive to rider needs. Most recently, as LA Metro's first Executive Officer for Customer Experience, I created the most comprehensive CX Program in the United States.

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