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About Me

About Me Excerpt From Title Slide 2022 LA Metro CX Plan

Greetings! My name is Aaron Weinstein. For three decades, I have helped transit agencies take an honest look at pain points riders talk about and put in place solutions that are responsive to rider needs. Most recently, as LA Metro's first Executive Officer for Customer Experience, I created the most comprehensive Customer Experience program in the United States. At Metro I worked across the organization to develop CX Action Plans that put into place over 100 initiatives and $200 million in investments to improve the experience for Metro riders. The CX Program also included Key Experience Indicators (KEI's), a User Experience (UX) Testing Policy for new products, and a customer-centric culture initiative. Other CX experience includes:


  • At BART, led design of $3 billion Fleet of the Future train cars, which earned rave reviews from the public, organizing 50 events, and refining the design based on input from over 40,000 customers, including people with disabilities.

  • Brought the voice of the customer into the design of ticket machines, websites and apps.

  • Negotiated innovative customer service partnerships with Union leaders.

  • Created APTA customer service recognition programs for bus drivers and call center staff.

  • Engaged riders via the BARTable relationship marketing program.

  • Currently serves as co-chair of the APTA CX Forum, which has over 170 members.

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About Me Aaron With BART Rider Fleet Of The Future Accessibility
About Me Aaron Speaking At BART Blue Sky Festival
About Me Aaron Speaking At APTA Conference

In my transit career I have worked in a wide range of disciplines including service planning, financial planning, fare policy, market research, marketing, vehicle design, community outreach, Olympics planning, public safety planning, engineering, and Customer Experience. Through this website I hope to share my experience to assist colleagues around the transit industry.


Named one of 2024's "Top 100 Global Trailblazers Leading the Evolution of Employee and Customer Experience" by Constellation Research.



Phil Washington
Chief Executive Officer, Denver International Airport
Former CEO, LA Metro

“As Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest transportation agencies in the U.S. (LA Metro) from 2015 to 2021, I recognized the need to bring on a Customer Experience professional to maximize smooth and uneventful riding experiences for the 1.2 million riders per day on our system.  We found that professional in Aaron Weinstein.  Aaron exceeded our expectations in design of the first-in-the-nation Customer Experience (CX) Plan. Aaron prepared an annual customer experience plan that took an honest look at pain points that customer(s) told us about, and how we could make improvements that were responsive to their concerns....”

Grace Crunican
Former General Manager, BART

“Aaron has great intuition, insight and commitment when it comes to customers. He knows how to get them to talk and he knows how to get the agency to listen, care and respond. He is fantastic.”

Rose Sheridan
Former Vice President, American Public Transportation Association

“There’s no one in the industry who understands how to create a customer-centric focus and culture better than Aaron Weinstein. He has transformed organizations with his strategic insights, his ability to work with all levels and his laser focus on execution. “

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